Press Release:

Artists Lily Hodgkinson, Matthew Sheehan, Sam Evans and Jordan Hardy have collaborated to exhibit an art installation using a range of media and viewpoints concerning the ‘everyday’. PLAIN SIGHT includes a range of paintings, sculptures, images and objects, all of which reflect on the unremarked, overlooked spaces that surround us daily. On Monday April 26th the exhibition will be open for viewing in an
outdoor alleyway on Albion Road, Fallowfield.
Each artist has used their practice to showcase different approaches to the ‘everyday’ theme. They explain: “Due to lockdown, our bedrooms became our studios. Consequently, we’ve had to alter our direction, working in new ways and
taking inspiration from unusual places. Lockdown has forced us to see more of the same stuff daily, altering our perception and opening our eyes to the potential of certain spaces or objects. PLAIN SIGHT combines each of our reactions to these circumstances through artworks that materialised individually and have been brought together collaboratively.”
The artists are all currently second year Fine Art students at Manchester Metropolitan University.
Matthew uses photography to explore everyday surroundings and how they can be manipulated to make our familiar environments unfamiliar or strange. His work also examines the emotions and tensions caused by lockdown.
Sam is a sculptor whose practice aims to interrogate the spaces he inhabits. He views his current work as a kind of personal archaeology, creating sculptural artefacts and re-contextualising found objects and sounds in order to unearth what’s buried beneath everyday perceptions of material reality.
Lily is a sculptural artist and painter who, because of the recent lockdown, has been developing her painting on objects found in her local area. Her most recent piece has been inspired by surrealism and the distortion of reality in a domestic space.
Jordan, an avid photographer and installation based artist, has most recently been responding to the way a mundane repetitive and mainly interior lockdown schedule has affected the way he sees, and the ways he has altered the spaces around him to better suit the extended periods of time spent in them.

Everyday sounds recorded and collected by all exhibiting artists and edited by Sam Evans to create a soundscape. The composition demonstrates the distortion of reality and memory caused by prolonged repetition of mundane daily activity.

This painting was inspired by domestic spaces and the distortion of reality. In a lot of films, the image of a door is used to convey escapism or mystery (like in classics such as, ‘The Truman Show’, ‘Coraline’ etc) allowing the characters to walk into different worlds, showing the power a door has the potential to hold. It can be said this feeling of wanting to leave is a reflection of the artist’s restrictive environment within the four walls of their home during lockdown.

“These are images taken from my everyday surroundings and are spaces that are overlooked and forgotten. Lockdown has led me to open up my eyes and see the potential within my environments and how I can manipulate to make the familiar strange/unfamiliar.” Matthew Sheehan

Cavity for a Commodity
Sam Evans
Sam Evans
Sam Evans

“I’ve taken, what I see as, an archaeological approach to each of my sculptures; unearthing what’s buried beneath day-to-day perceptions of the spaces I inhabit. Using the making process as a meditative experience, I’ve reimagined and renavigated the modern human habitat.” Sam Evans

Jordan Hardy

“With this piece I aimed to create an aesthetically pleasing space that appealed to the idea of a more vibrant and interesting lifestile in an act of escapism, to appose the boring monotone patterns I faced daily during lockdown.” Jordan Hardy