First Aid Art Kit

Private medical companies may have the market coveted and locked down on a coronavirus vaccine… but we offer to you a ‘first aid art kit’. We are aware that it doesn’t take away from some of the real issues that come with the pandemic, however, we offer you respite and a metaphorical bandage. We value the differences in these works that we present to you as it is important to recognise that anyone and anything can be artistic, whatever format it is performed through.

“I want to offer a form of escape through loose depictions of a stripped down, simplified world along with its ugly characters that are lost along the busy Oxford Road.” -Kimberley Beesley

“My work is a physical embodiment and reflection of my own position within society. Through experimental techniques I have been able to explore and deal with the issues/relations between past and present and political and personal.” -Katy Ham

“I am interested in all forms of resurrection as well as the discussion of identity, specifically expressing male identity from my perspective. I aim to resonate with others who share similar experiences and outlooks on these subjects so that I can encourage them to contemplate these areas of their lives.” -Sean Doran

“Using a video format, I’ve combined new footage of the domestic space and footage of outside spaces filmed before this pandemic. Whilst wondering whether the past is something nostalgic, or something that takes you away from the present. What are the implications of memory on the past and present?” – Jen Brown

“During the Pandemic when life felt like Groundhog Day, I realised I had been using fashion and cooking as a coping mechanism, they both became daily rituals which gave me a purpose and something to look forward to everyday! I wanted to create a project where i relinquished controls over my work to these two important factors, they will influence colours and shapes in my work.” Rhianna Mone

How did you find us? We hope you followed a sticker trail that we made for you on your commonly walked streets. If so then you’ve already started your journey of artistic ‘healing’ by letting your imagination take control and creative interest lead you to us. 

 Have a ‘nosey’ at our work; various images, prints, paintings, videos and see if you are inspired yourself. Take a moment to enjoy some artworks by a range of amazing people. An injection of creativity into your life. Keep a look out in the future for… a ‘First Aid art Kit’ in actuality filled by this collective.