ami smith


I’m constantly being told that the internet isn’t real: fake news, face-tuned images, bought followers, Internet personalities acting as though every day of their lives is filled with excitement etc.

All of this makes me wonder, is there still room for meaningful and honest connection in online spaces? 

I started Sanctuary in the November lockdown and now we find ourselves in another. The need for connection is more important than ever and so is our reliance on technology to keep us connected.

I encourage you to explore the site as thoroughly or fleetingly as you choose. For the best experience, please view on a laptop or pc. 

My wider practice is an exploration of the web as a creative medium and the integration of the physical world and the online world. I create websites, gifs, digital images and short films. I am inspired by the aesthetics and culture of the early web as well as artists and writers like Molly Soda, Olia Lialina and Kenneth Goldsmith. 

You can follow me on instagram @amismithart !