Mollie Field

Mollie Field – Turas

– Fay Godwin
– Roni Horn
– Richard Long
– Tarkovsky’s ‘Stalker’
– Jane and Louise Wilson

“Turas is one part of a series of film pieces all set in the same landscape. The piece depicts what it feels like to be conscious of one’s own freedom, the specific freedom that comes after living through hardships and trauma and coming to terms with them. It surrounds a version of myself that has lived with this trauma heavily weighing on them, a version which has created a strong bond with this specific landscape and longs to be there to experience freedom. Turas is very ritualistic in a sense and guides the viewer to be conscious of the passing of time and the movement and life of the natural world. My work is always about closeness to nature and bridging the gap between our human species and the wild species existing around us. It is important to me that through my practice and performative work I am brought closer to ‘nature’.”

During each week of YouTube Month we will be showcasing an artist who engages with the ethos of YouTube in their work. Since launching in 2005 YouTube has provided an accessible platform for anyone with a camera and an internet connection to distribute video to a global audience and we are interested in the ways in which artists are responding to this.

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