Mason Lamont

Mason Lamont – Dance

– Katherine Bernhardt (artist)
– nightlife in general (dancing while under the influence)
– Megan Jones @megmarmalade on Insta
– the concept of “silliness”
– childishness

The works is mainly a response to an experience I had but completely involves concepts of having fun and finding freedom in movement, how dancing can release energy and switch the mindset so easily. How being silly can mask negative feelings and how making yourself look “stupid” can liberate you and allow for growth in every aspect of life. How saying ‘f**k it’ is the ultimate release. I used YouTube as it’s free mainly, it’s accessible and most people know of it’s existence! It’s easy to access the work and leans towards my feelings of wanting to remove the pretentiousness around art. YouTube isn’t a site exclusively for art so allows for people to be exposed who may not be interested in the art world itself. It allows for people to step into the art world without the fear of not understanding or feeling unworthy.

During each week of YouTube Month we will be showcasing an artist who engages with the ethos of YouTube in their work. Since launching in 2005 YouTube has provided an accessible platform for anyone with a camera and an internet connection to distribute video to a global audience and we are interested in the ways in which artists are responding to this.

12/11 Mason Lamont X 19/11 Mollie Field X 26/11 Rakaya Cohen X 3/12 Sofia Geraci X 10/12 Rosalind Barber