Rosalind Barber

Rosalind Barber – Coming Clean

Inspiration: Cindy Sherman / Internet archives (most notably the ‘Wayback Machine’) / Molly soda / Bambi Kirschner / The concept and aesthetic of ‘Kitsch’

‘Coming Clean’ was originally intended to be a live performance, but due to lockdown restrictions, I had to finish it from home. It was through my filming that I realised I wanted to express the artificial intimacy of online communication as opposed to my original intention of merely portraying voyeurism and safe spaces. I added ‘clickbait’ advertisements to really express the ‘flattening’ of human expression through a screen and the increase of monetisation around social media; the rise of ‘personal branding’ and selling of self. The introduction of ‘PornTub’ not only insinuates a loss of control through online sharing but questions art itself, and the freeing yet terrifying experience of soul baring as an artist.

During each week of YouTube Month we showcased an artist who engages with the ethos of YouTube in their work. Since launching in 2005 YouTube has provided an accessible platform for anyone with a camera and an internet connection to distribute video to a global audience and we are interested in the ways in which artists are responding to this.