Sofia Maria Geraci

Sofia Maria Geraci – Meeting


  • Fluxus (Art group/movement)
  • Harun Farocki (Artist)
  • ‘Frida Kahlo & Tina Modotti’ (Film)
  • Family, culture and heritage
  • Digital communication platforms in the period of Covid-19 (Zoom, FaceTime etc.)

This film explores various forms of communication and how they change due to translation, sentiment and situational factors. It compares how the act of playing a Sicilian card game translates from the physical to the digital, and from the instinctual to the non-natural. The audio alternates between casual dialogue with my Nonna mid-game, and a Zoom call of me teaching my best friend how to play, incorporating translated subtitles and transcript to achieve a general understanding. By featuring my loved ones, I wanted to show the influence of my communities on my identity, and how sentiment affects how I communicate with them individually. The informality and inclusion of the everyday reflects the want to make my work accessible and understood. Exhibiting my work online also contributes to these ideas, as well as commenting on the nature of more recent communications.

During each week of YouTube Month we will be showcasing an artist who engages with the ethos of YouTube in their work. Since launching in 2005 YouTube has provided an accessible platform for anyone with a camera and an internet connection to distribute video to a global audience and we are interested in the ways in which artists are responding to this.

3/12 Sofia Geraci X 10/12 Rosalind Barber